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One of our consistent themes is that even if your pension gap is large and you can’t afford to invest a lot more money in pensions, the situation isn’t lost.  By paying attention to:

  • the pensions entitlements you already have;
  • the decisions you need to make about pensions from time to time;
  • your future plans for work and retirement,

you can go a long way to start repairing your pensions gap.  Once you have started down this path, you might even think about taking out an extra pension plan to fill in the gap a bit more.

  • Look through the types of decisions and actions that are most relevant to the various life stages – these are listed in the next column on this page.  Once you have done that, have a look at the other life stages too: the things you can tend to overlap quite a lot and are not restricted to just one life stage.
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  • If you are facing a decision that looks complicated or are thinking about taking out another pension, we can help you find a qualified financial adviser in your area.  You will have to pay them for their advice –but this can be much cheaper than making the wrong decision about your pension.
  • You might prefer to look through the book too – it is written in a similar style to this site and walks through the issues in a convenient and familiar format – we have provided a direct link to the Amazon site.

When you next visit our site you will see it  updated with the latest information and new articles, and you may also find it useful to remind yourself of how far you have come in sorting things out – and what the next steps are.

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