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The wrong postcode can make your pension gap even worse!

If you live in a good area of London, you might have to pay 4% more for your pension than if you lived in Birmingham or Glasgow according to a [...]

How much should I be saving for my retirement?

You’ve read enough about the pensions crisis to be curious about your own … so how  much do you need to be saving to make sure you have a decent [...]

Employers shouldn’t be embarrassed about the pensions crisis – they should step forward and help!

As we pointed out in the book, the pensions crisis wasn’t caused by employers – it was created by circumstances outside their control, and tougher accounting rules have twisted the [...]

When will I get my State Pension?

The state retirment age has received  a lot of attention in the latest round of party political conferences and we can expect this to be one of the hot topics [...]

The Pensions Policy Institute have just published a report – “Retirement income and assets: how can housing support retirement?”.  The short answer is: “only a bit”.
We discuss this in Myth [...]

Some problems can look so big and complicated that it’s difficult to know where to start – so you don’t start at all.  It’s easy for the pensions crisis to [...]

Because of the pensions crisis, more and more people have a pension gap – the difference between the income they would like in retirement and the pension they will actually [...]

What is the best age to think about your pension?

The original idea for writing the book came from looking at the situation for people in their 50’s who were begining to think more actively about planning for retirement – [...]

My pension gap is so large that there is no point

Your pension gap may be so large, and pensions are now so expensive, that your first reaction might be just to give up.  But there are many more things you [...]

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