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It's worth looking at the 'Extra Insights' pages listed on the right - these tell you why there is a good chance that you do have a pension gap, and there is a simple self-complete quiz to give you a rough idea of the scale of your problem.

On this page we will be publishing articles, updates and news on this theme, so please come back from time to time to browse though them.

Archive of ' Reality Check'.

Hard choices

In the style of Family Fortunes, if we asked 100 people to name something they don’t do – but should do – what would come top of the list?

the garden?
exercise [...]

Good news for pensioners? Or more: “lies, damned lies, and statistics”?

The latest figures from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) made interesting headlines – the number of pensioners living below the breadline has decreased by a third in the past [...]

The wrong postcode can make your pension gap even worse!

If you live in a good area of London, you might have to pay 4% more for your pension than if you lived in Birmingham or Glasgow according to a [...]

How the PBR has made the pension crisis worse

At probably their last opportunity to do anything substantial, the government have completely ignored the pensions crisis – and actually made it worse for many people by chipping away at [...]

Women should be thinking of Pensions – not Prada – this Christmas

Women tend to fare badly on the pensions front – not surprising when you realise that the whole pensions system was developed in our male-dominated past.  Only one third of [...]

Can you trust pensions?

Pensions are getting a bad press at the moment as the impact of the pensions crisis begins to filter through into negative news about company pensions and personal pensions.
Does this [...]

How much should I be saving for my retirement?

You’ve read enough about the pensions crisis to be curious about your own … so how  much do you need to be saving to make sure you have a decent [...]

Changing the state pension age could make your pensions crisis even worse!

News of the pensions crisis has now reached the ears of the politicians, and a debate between the political parties about changing the state pension age is gathering steam.  What [...]

When will I get my State Pension?

The state retirment age has received  a lot of attention in the latest round of party political conferences and we can expect this to be one of the hot topics [...]

Why women need to think about pensions

Not surprisingly, thinking about pensions doesn’t come top of most women’s list of priorities especially in times of recession.  So why should you spend time thinking about it?
Here are some [...]

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