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The book was written by Brian Wood and Claire Brinn (see the you can buy it from Amazon ).  We are delighted by how well it has been received (see below).  It was always written with this website in mind – an interactive website can cover more ground including latest news and updates, pointers to useful information elsewhere on the web, and the opportunity to share your stories and ask us questions.


We were delighted to receive some really positive feedback from pensions people who saw an early copy of the manuscript:

“In these uncertain times, now, more than ever, people need information, advice and guidance to help them understand what they need to do to plan for their retirement.  Publications that provide further insight should be welcomed”.

Otto Thoresen, author of the Thoresen review of Generic Financial Advice

“Pensions can be very expensive and very complex, but the good news is that with a little forethought and planning a lot of the expense and complexity can be side-stepped. This book will really help you to do that”

Stewart Ritchie, former chairman, Association of Pensioner Trustees

“More than ever before, people need help and advice in sorting out the complexity of their finances.  This book explains the issues around pensions in a clear and understandable way, and will be helpful to both consumers and their professional advisers in coping with the pensions crisis that we all face.”

Chris Cummings, Director General, Association of Independent Financail Advisers

“’How to Beat the Pensions Crisis’ provides a practical and straightforward explanation of the pension challenges and choices we all face; this book should give people more confidence about what they need to do to plan their retirement finances.”

Tom Boardman, Visiting Professor, Cass Business School

“This book is an excellent and much needed practical guide for those thinking of retirement and planning for it.  In these uncertain times, people need advice more than ever about how to provide safely and sensibly for the future.”

Colin Redman, joint author, “100 years of the State Pension”

“All pension arrangements are not equal.  It’s crucial to understand what you can expect and how different circumstances such as your health, working part-time or retiring early will affect your retirement income. This book provides the tools for you to do that and improve your chances of a comfortable retirement.”

Sally Bridgeland, CEO of BP Pension Fund

“While it’s great news that we are living longer these days, improved longevity has actually contributed to the pensions crisis.  This book describes why in a clear way and, more importantly, explains what people can do about it”

Paul Sweeting, Longevity Strategist, Munich Re

“In the pensions industry we all know about the pensions crisis – and we are concerned that people haven’t understood its full implications.  ‘How to Beat the Pensions Crisis’ does a great job in explaining what is going on and what people can do about it in a straightforward and understandable way”

Ronnie Bowie, President, Faculty of Actuaries

“It’s an interesting, easy and important read – I think it’s just what the man in the street needs”

Joe Chiaro, Senior Consultant, Beachcroft Regulatory Consulting

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